September 13-15, 2024


Host Venue: My Neighbor's Estate 😉

Nestled amidst the picturesque, lush surroundings of Atlanta's prestigious north side lies an opulent sanctuary, reminiscent of a lavish French-Mediterranean estate. Here, every detail exudes grandeur and sophistication, promising an unparalleled experience beyond compare.

Indulge in the epitome of luxury as we cater to your every need, from intimate family-style breakfasts to extravagant dinner parties, seamlessly complemented by our expertly crafted business scaling services.

Discover a world of leisure and refinement within our expansive confines, boasting sumptuous common areas, a stately billiard room, and artisanal bars offering the finest libations. Retreat to the tranquil oasis of our pool lounge, lose yourself in the rhythm of our exclusive dance room, or immerse yourself in cinematic splendor within our state-of-the-art theater room.

With unparalleled amenities and impeccable service, your weekend escape will transcend mere relaxation, leaving an indelible mark on your memory as an unparalleled pinnacle of luxury living.

*Regrettably, there are not enough sleeping rooms to accommodate all guests. The Hilton Garden Inn will offer a special group rate. We will provide complimentary shuttle service to and from the hotel and estate. Details will be provided upon registration.


Successful Scorecards... 

Our participants are establishing revenue generating business models built for profitability and sustainability.

It's Time For You To Receive The Roadmap To Becoming The Visionary CEO You Are Meant To Be!

At The CEO Circle™️, you will spend 3 transformative days receiving direction from the top business experts so you can build a ‘recession proof’ plan to scale your business and live your best life! You will leave the weekend with a solid plan, knowing exactly what to do to multiply your growth.

Meet Your Host, 

Kamila Brown Washington

I’m the CEO and Creator of The Profitable Blueprint™️, Million Dollar CEO™️,and The CEO Circle™️ Founders' Retreat. All Programs are dedicated to helping successful service providing businesses S.C.A.L.E. their structures up to $1M and beyond!

I’ve dedicated my life to helping online business owners from various industries grow their organizations to 6 figures & beyond, using my signature frameworks.

I started working as a service provider in 1995, became a College Professor in 2006, teaching Entrepreneurialism & Marketing, and found my $4M organization in 2008.  So, I know what it takes! To date, I’ve helped thousands of business founders and CEOs. My client list includes giants like United Way, Goodwill, AARP Foundation, and Starbucks Foundation…to name a few.

With a global presence in Brazil, Kenya, Chile, Honduras and Haiti, My Team and I establish social enterprises in entrepreneurship and micro finance programs which provides livable wages and income for local villagers. 

From overseeing nearly 100 staff and volunteers to boosting revenue over $4M, I have taken on challenging roles across the industry and worked tirelessly to produce exceptional results.

And now, it’s YOUR TURN! I’ve designed this game-changing weekend to help you level up your business impact and income, without you working any harder. Sound impossible? It’s NOT!

WHO Is The CEO Circle™️ Retreat For?

This event is for CEOs and Entrepreneur Founders who desire to generate up to and through mid-6 figures to $1M+ in their company.  We welcome service providers (coaches, mentors, trainers, facilitators, therapists, etc.).  If your business "charges a fee for service or membership," and you’re ready to significantly grow your venture with more ease than you thought possible… RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW to be in a room full of vetted, resourceful CEOs and Founders.

Don’t Choose Between Your Business And Your Life!

You can work less, earn more, and create a life where you do more of what you want to! I’m talking about real freedom. The CEO Circle™️ is 3 mind-blowing days that will TRANSFORM your company, FAST-TRACK your success, and equip you with a STRATEGIC SCALE PLAN to have your best year ever.

3-Day Journey!

80+ CEOs have attended this event. Kamila and her team will help you build your customized S.C.A.L.E. Blueprint for ALL AREAS of your business!



LIVE & In-Person is Better!

The level of Transformation that happens in a room full of other like-minded CEOs and Founders is exceptional. Our Expert Speakers add to the massive, practical value of the CEO Circle™️ Experience.

Get Your Blueprint!

Business has changed. To expand these days, you need to approach your vision differently. There are so many opportunities if you know where to look, how to approach them, and how to capitalize on them. We’ll build that right into your S.C.A.L.E. Blueprint!