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Generate Revenue & Transform More Lives

You CAN create a profitable Online Business that generates predictable revenue every month without UNDER-VALUING your expertise.

Kreate a Profitable Blueprint‚ĄĘÔłŹ

6-month group coaching Masterclass with monthly Progress Check-In with a Success Coach. Designed for Coaches, Consultants, and Service Providers with an online Program who want to build a six-figure business by establishing a revenue-generating business model. This Program includes Content, Community, Accountability Coaching,  LIVE Weekly Q&A Sessions, tools, resources and lots of engagement. 




Million Dollar CEO‚ĄĘÔłŹ

6-month High-Level 1:1 Executive Coaching Program. Designed to help the CEO to elevate  and scale your business up to and through a 7-figure infrastructure . You must have a proven business model that generates consistent 6-figure annual revenue.






The CEO Circle‚ĄĘÔłŹ Retreat

(In-Person) 3-Day Weekend Leadership Retreat in Atlanta, GA that breaks down a Strategic Plan for your upcoming business year to S.C.A.L.E. in the following areas: 

Strategic Vision

Increased Cash Flow 

Team Alliance

Leadership Skills



Take the First Step Today!

I’ve helped over 3,000+ CEO clients (like you) learn to put strategic systems and processes in place to become a profitable and sustainable business. My proven framework demonstrates revenue growth-results for your Service Program by showing you how to strategize, market, and secure qualified clients willing to invest in your intellectual property and subject matter expertise.

“I established my agency in 2 months and raised $15,000 to launch...”

Your coaching style made it easy for me. I established my agency in 2 months and raised $15,000 to launch my program. We are now valued at $850,000 in assets for our veterans program.

Josie, Veterans Employment Opportunity

“Kamila Brown Washington is so gifted with "structure and order" and just a wealth of knowledge.”

Hoping and praying is not a strategy. Sick and tired of self-funding your programs? Lying awake at night trying to figure it out on your own? Going around and around like a hamster wheel waiting for a "breakthrough?" Well, here it is! B.O.S.S. Mode. Kamila is so gifted with "structure and order" and just a wealth of knowledge. I love her humility and generous spirit! She just knows how to simplify processes and create strategies that work.

—Shanyia Lawton, Good Deeds

“My mindset and strategizing my board development was truly the key to our $1 MILLION success...”

Conditioning my mindset and strategizing my board development was truly the key to our $1M success. I remember the feeling of feeling paralyzed with uncertainty, frustration, and confusion. Trust me, you're not paralyzed. You're just committed to certain patterns of behavior because they helped you in the past. The reason why you can't move forward is because you keep applying an old formula to a new level in your life. Change the formula to get a different result.

—Charles Tucker, HEARTMatters

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FREE Masterclass: Money, Model & marketing for Online CEO's

Get my proven industry-leading strategy that allowed me to build a massively profitable organization. Stop UNDER-VALUING.

Kamila Vetted, Validated & Confirmed as a Member of Forbes Coaches Council

Forbes Councils is an invitation-only organization where subject experts, top executives, and entrepreneurs build professional skills and gain connections and visibility on Forbes.com. Members are  grouped into relevant councils to ensure maximum benefit for the community as a whole.

Profitable Clients

Kamila has served as an Executive Coach for United Way, Goodwill, AARP, Starbucks Foundations and more. Her knowledge of "best practices" is shared among her clients so they have first-hand resources of how to establish a thriving and sustainable organization.


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