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Our Mission

We help Nonprofit Founders with Online Programs become an industry disruptor and think differently as they push their mental boundaries in order to Kreate A Profitable Blueprint™️. We provide executive coaching that challenges societies' misconception by implementing strategic systems and organic marketing to secure paying clients. The change we want to make is to train Founders to run and operate their organizations like a for-profit business with a "social cause." 

Who We Are

It is our ambition to show Nonprofit Founders how to:

  • Scale their business models in order to generate consistent monthly revenue to impact and transform more lives,

  • Monetize their expertise, and build a 6-figure business by securing paying clients,

  • Minimize their time trying to "figure out" the best practices of thriving sustainable organizations and reduce their dependency on grants.

  • Eliminate self-funding 

What We Do

We run a professional development online group coaching program that trains Nonprofit Founders with online programs how to create a consistent 5+ figure monthly revenue generating business model to stop self-funding.

We have  various marketing platforms that provide training content for our audience:

  • YouTube Channel: @kamilabrown-washington 

  • Podcast: LevelUP with Kamila

  • FaceBook page: @KamilaBrownWashington

  • Instagram: @KamilaBrownWashington

  • LinkedIn: @KamilaBrownWashington

We have established a national Business Directory as a resources to help our clients grow and expand their reach of partners and services.


We need your Superhero Powers!

From Team Kamila:

”LevelUP Entrepreneurs is a Virtual Company which means:

  • We don’t have a central office.

  • We have employees based all around the world.

  • We meet in-person 4x a year for Qtrly Strategic Planning Meetings

  • We work together via Airtable, email, text messages, and Zoom meetings.

  • You can work from home, from Starbucks, the Library, your favorite hotel, literally...anywhere with WiFi. 



Salary & Benefits


For full-time employees, we offer competitive salaries plus benefits like:

  • 401(k) Compensation
  • Paid vacation time
  • Paid personal time

We also have a profit-sharing program.

Full-time employees who’ve been with us for a year receive a portion of company profits, quarterly! This is a “Bonus” in addition to your regular salary. Your profit-sharing bonus increases in size the longer you stay with the company. For instance, an employee who has been with us 3 years will receive a larger percentage than someone who joined 1 year ago.


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