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A 6-month high-touch 1:1 executive coaching program (12-months is also available) to build your infrastructure to support up to and through $1M +. Designed for fee-based Nonprofit Entrepreneurs who want to position themselves as a premium-priced brand within their industry.

You desire to grow with a simplified business model where 80% of your annual revenue comes from 1-2 Program Offers. You're willing to look at and monitor the performance of your revenue, conversion rates, profit, and personal net worth.

What You Will Experience

  •  (2) Monthly 1:1 Coaching: Every month we will meet privately to discuss your KPI's, revenue progress, Board leadership and performance, share your metrics, examine your infrastructural needs, your progress, what you're learning, and where you're struggling.
  •  Topic Focus Calls: Instead of having open Q&A calls, we are going to tailor the call discussion on a particular subject: Client Onboarding, Payment Recovery, Content Repurposing, Business Model, Strategy Campaigns, etc. This will be a way to get help on how you can troubleshoot a particular area of your own business.
  •  Live Training: New strategies, ways of thinking, or frameworks will be introduced based on what's working. These will happen usually once per quarter.
  • UncommonGood, the all-in-one solution business platform for nonprofits that brings fundraising, marketing, and operations together.
  •  Quarterly Strategic Planning Calls: Each quarter, we will guide you through the Million Dollar Roadmap to help you measure your progress, set your intentions, and determine priority projects for the next quarter.
  •  Members Only Facebook Group: Check in with your peers, share your lessons learned, ask questions and seek perspective in between our meetings.
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Qualification Criteria of Each


This IS for:

  • Founders with Revenue Programs who want to increase their profit margins and diversify revenue streams. No more free services, self-funding, discounts, down-sells, or low priced DIY programs. You know this is possible, you want a simple and realistic process to get you there.
  • Ambitious Founders with Revenue Programs - who want to disrupt and dominate in your industry, elevating your client experience with a high touch program built around connection.
  • Founders with Revenue Programs who are ready to stop trading time for money, stop conducting business like the Flintstones (pre-historic) and leveling up like the Jetsons (futuristic), and mimicking the manipulative marketing tactics that so many teach in the online industry. No cookie-cutter marketing campaigns, and false scarcity. You want to ethically monetize your expertise that allows you to generate consistent sales month after month without compromising the integrity of your organization and feeling "salesy and pushy."
  • Founders with Revenue Programs who want to elevate your network of affluent and influential peers. You want to be surrounded by a group of high performing, over achievers who offer diverse perspective and know where you are coming from.
  • Founders with Revenue Programs who are decisive and ready to take action right NOW. No more delaying your dreams to create balance in your business.
  • Founders with Revenue Programs who actually CARE about the outcome of your clients, want to create a solid methodology/process for attaining your Program Promise (results), and streamlined client experience to ensure they win!

This is NOT for: 

  • Founders who want to keep playing small with giving free services, self-funding, and/or low priced offers. You must know that what you have to offer gets clients real tangible results, but you just need a proven process that aligns with your current capacity to get you there.
  • Founders that have a track record of FTI - Failure To Implement. If you're one who consumes information more than actually doing the work, this is not for you.
  • Founders who have NO CLUE what their program is really about. You want to be everything to everyone.  You jump around like "checkers," rather than being strategic like "chess." 
  • Founders who are Newbies - you need to have already implemented and achieved results from your program.
  • Founders who whine about doing the work and want to be coddled. #NotHereForIt - this program is not one where we will build an unhealthy, co-dependent relationship. You will learn how to confidently make decisions as a CEO by applying the strategies we teach within the sessions.
  • Founders who are not true CEO Leaders. Rather than being decisive and an authority, you want to "ask your Board for permission." 
  • Founders who do not have an entrepreneurial and business mindset. Nonprofit is a tax status, not a business model. You cannot build sustainability without profitability.
  • Founders who view their Board of Directors as their Boss



Dawn Robinson, 

Founder/CEO, S.T.R.O.N.G.

(Sisters Together Reaching Our Next Generation)

Meet Your Coach

Hi, I’m Kamila Brown Washington.  I am an expert in Entrepreneurship, passionate about Global Humanitarianism, and proficient in Organizational Leadership. My global entrepreneurial programs are implemented in Kenya, Haiti, Brazil, Chile' and Honduras.

As the Founder & CEO of Kamileon Professional Development, Inc., Forbes Magazine invited me to serve on their Coaches Council, an invitation-only organization where thought leaders, top executives, and entrepreneurs share subject expertise on 

As a Revenue Strategist, I provide business coaching to small businesses (nonprofit & for-profit) and solo-preneurs to create business models utilizing strategic systems that generate consistent 5+ figure monthly revenue.

Sharing my knowledge of past clients, United Way, Goodwill, AARP and Starbucks Foundations + building my $4M organization, I bring in-depth knowledge into my training. I am on a mission to teach Business Founders how to create sustainable revenue in YOUR business.


Dr. Kimberly Wayne 

Founder/CEO, Jewels Academy



You are applying to schedule a Strategy Call to get clarification about how MILLION DOLLAR CEO™️ will establish a 7-figure "business model" for your revenue generating program. "This is a 5-figure investment."

We are honored and excited to explore if we are a good fit to help you build a sustainable business model for supporting 7-figure revenue.

Please complete the Application Form to help us learn about your specific needs and to determine if we are the best fit. In your responses, speak to the specifics as much as possible.

We are only offering calls for serious entrepreneurs. Please maximize this opportunity to leave an imprint letting us know why MILLION DOLLAR CEO™️ Executive Coaching will help catapult your business.  Applications will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis so do not wait to apply.

For clarity, MILLION DOLLAR CEO™️ is for nonprofit entrepreneurs & founders who currently generate 6-figure annual revenue with a fee-based program who want build an infrastructure to support up to and through 7-figures.