Join my Circle of CEOs who are using Growth Strategies to Increase Revenue  

Generate Revenue & Increase Profit Margins

As a CEO, I'm bilingual.  I speak for-profit and non-profit. Therefore, focusing on core growth strategies to gain a solid understanding of what’s required to build a profitable and sustainable online business model.

  • Learn the CEO Decisions I’ve had to make
  • The biggest failures I’ve had to overcome
  • The strategic wisdom that emerged every step of the way
  • As we take a deep dive into one core Growth Strategy so you can gain a solid understanding of what's required to establish pricing based upon articulating your value, and strategically marketing your online business. 

We recently rebranded the Podcast.

Here is access to all episodes:

🎧59:15 min listen

Episode 8: Structure + Secure Paying Clients


🎧51:31 min listen

Episode 7: Is Your Business Model Profitable?


🎧51:59 min listen

Episode 6: Email Bag of Burning Questions


🎧37:53 min listen

Episode 5: Understanding the Sophistication of Your Market


🎧 58:37 min listen

Episode 4:   Monetizing Expertise & Building Brand Authority: How Rhonda Simmons, Founder/CEO, The Simmons Empowerment Foundation is Building Her Legacy

🎧 15:40 min listen

Episode 3: Why Your Program
Isn't Selling

🎧 22:37 min listen

Episode 2: Powerful Strategies for a Profitable Leader

🎧 22:35 min listen

Episode 1: 3 Key Ingredients of a $1M Program

Meet the Coach behind the "CEO Circle™️" Podcast

Kamila Brown Washington

Nonprofit Founder and Thought Leader

Kamila Brown Washington, business leader, entrepreneur, speaker and social justice advocate is the Founder & CEO of two successful entrepreneurial coaching experiencesThe Profitable Blueprint™️ (Masterclass), and  Million Dollar CEO™️ (Mastermind)Kamila serves on Forbes Magazine's Coaches Council,  an invitation-only organization where $1M+ thought leaders, top executives, and entrepreneurs share subject expertise on 

Her 7-figure nonprofit has established programs in Kenya, Haiti, Brazil, Chile', and Honduras. Now, she's on a mission to share her strategy for building sustainable revenue with your online program.


"Kamila is the real deal. I don't even think she knows it. She's like the Oprah Winfrey of Nonprofits."

Dawn Robinson

Founder/CEO, S.T.R.O.N.G.
(Sisters Together Reaching Our Next Generation)